What We Do

We turn your Free Wi-Fi into an Automated Revenue Generating Machine.
Engage your customers, Grow your Reach and Gain Valuable Marketing Data.
Run Contests, Promotions and Special Offers, Engaging Your Customers in Real-Time.
We turn your customers into Raving Fans using WiFire Powered Free Wi-Fi.

[one_third padding="0 30px 0 0"]Drive Your REACH with Auto Lead Generation


If you've done any kind of Reach Marketing, you know Opt-In rates can end up in the single digits. With an Opt-In rate of over 87%, WiFire can Turn your Free Wi-Fi service into an automated New Customer Generating Machine. [/one_third]

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Does even your best staff remember to Up-sell or Cross-sell to your customers? WiFire Automates the Re-sell component of your business to Maximize the Lifetime Value of your Customers.

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Author Your Brand's Story with our REPUTATION MARKETING

Your Online Reputation is the number one factor in converting prospects to Paying Customers. WiFire puts you in control of your Reputation to maximize every dollar you invest into marketing.[/one_third]

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Grow with our Dynamic REFERRAL MARKETING

Your business is sitting on a Gold-Mine of untapped Revenue; Your Existing Customers. When's the last time you asked them for a referral? We make it simple and easy for you to maximize referrals from your Best Customers. [/one_third]

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Multiply Frequency of Purchase with AI REAL-TIME ANALYTICS

It's 1p.m., do you know where your customers are? We do. WiFire tracks your customer "frequency" and builds offers tailored to each consumer that lifts individual frequency of purchase and prevents customer abandonment. [/one_third]

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Reward and Grow Your Client Base with LOYALTY REWARDS

Want the fastest way to grow revenue? Give your loyal customers rewards when they log on to your Free Wi-Fi and keep them coming back with promotions, coupons, contests and special offers! [/one_third]

Why We Do It


We make getting on your Wi-Fi Super EASY with no more long Wi-Fi Passwords! Log on Once and You're DONE!

Grow Revenue With Love

Use your Free Wi-Fi to grow your Revenue, Reach, Resell & Referrals! There's NO Better Way on the Planet!

Scale Your Business With Ease

Create Predictable Processes behind Reputation, Reach, Resell, Referral to Grow Your Business on Auto-Pilot!

Don't Think Secure & Free Wi-Fi is Important?

of Mobile Consumers make a restaurant choice based on availability of Wi-Fi

of Mobile Consumers are influenced by the availability of in store Wi-Fi

of Mobile Consumers use the Internet wirelessly on a smartphone, tablet or laptop

Does the availability of Free WiFi influence where YOUR Customers Shop?



How Does it Work?

When Your Customers log-on to your WiFire Network they instantly generate leads and set your Revenue Growth on Fire! Increase your sales and grow your business on AUTO-PILOT!
  • 1

    Market Your True REPUTATION

    Use technology to Author the TRUE Story of your business! We make it SIMPLE for your customers to give critical feedback!

  • 2

    Grow Your REACH

    Your Customer Easily connects to your Free Wi-Fi connection on their smartphone, tablet or laptop. (Grow Your REACH on Auto-Pilot!)

  • 3

    Drive RE-SELL Opportunities

    Your BEST Employees will forget, but WE Don't! Put Your RE-SELL Opportunities on AUTO-PILOT with WiFire!

  • 4

    Build Your Business with REFERRALS on Auto-Pilot!

    Customers enjoy Free Wi-Fi AND it's SUPER SIMPLE to Refer Your Business with WiFire!


Choose the best premium package for your business

**Special Pricing Available for Cornerstone Clients**

5 Wireless Access Points
100 Leads per month
Email Marketing
Max 8 Wireless Access Points
150 Leads per month
Email Marketing
SMS Marketing
Online Promotions
Max 14 Wireless Access Points
Unlimited Leads
Email Marketing
SMS Marketing
Online Promotions